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It has been said that a half-hour Himalayan salt bath in a solution of between 1% and 8% salt has cleansing effects equivalent to a three-day fast! Toxins are released into the water while minerals are absorbed through the skin. The higher the salt content in the bath, the stronger the detoxifying effect on the skin. Salt solutions have also been suggested for dry skin, as the salt is stored in the upper layer of the skin and binds water, maintain the natural protective film of the skin.

How To Prepare

Use natural, untreated crystal salt. Do not add any bath solutions, soaps or oils. A regular 28-gallon size bathtub would require 1 Kilogram of salt to create a 1% solution. Pour all the salt into the bathtub and fill with just enough water to cover the salt. Once the salt has dissolved (about half an hour or so), fill the bath tub the rest of the way. Try to keep the temperature as close to 98.6°F as possible, our normal body temperature. Soak for between 15 and 30 minutes. Do not shower off; simply dab excess moisture off with a towel and allow your body to air dry.

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