A New Years Tale Holiday Story Book for Kids A New Years Tale Holiday Story Book for Kids A New Years Tale Holiday Story Book for Kids

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Have you ever heard the tale of Nancy New Year?

She is a tiny fairy that visits children on New Year's Eve...at least those children who know about her…

Nancy New Year is a forgotten Old World Tradition, practiced by families in Northern Europe all the way to New Brunswick (Canada).

Only those who know about Nancy will receive a visit from the fairies...

It's a perfect time to START A NEW Family Tradition!

Our wonderful festive story is full of magic, adventure & friendship!

Story and Characters developed by Pamela Publicover-Brouwer & well know Nova Scotia illustrator Jeffery Domm, written in rhyme by NS writer RC Shaw.

'Our story' is about a child named Pim whose parents leave her alone with her old Auntie Mone’ on New Year’s Eve! Pim is sad and bored until she takes her pup Snowball to the attic for a magical adventure she will never forget! Snowball, the naughty pup that he is, starts digging in old boxes and finds the most wonderful magical festive gift of all.

Come on our magical adventure, this is a wonderful story to share with your special little ones this New Years' Eve.

Our New Year's package includes a premium print colorfully illustrated durable storybook (8" x8"), and a little canvas gift pouch (3.5"x5").

Place the gift pouch on your child's doorknob to receive a visit from the fairies. Gifts may include a small token or a note of a promise of a sleigh ride or building a snowman with mom or dad.

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